In the summer of 2019-20 NSW was subject to substantial damage both from drought and bushfires. Like many rotary clubs across the nation, our club rallied round to assist.

In December 2019 we ran our annual Christmas raffle which was widely supported by the Mosman community. As a result we raised $10,000 which was transferred to the Rotary Club of Glen Innes. The funds were added to other funds being used to provide emergency relief in the Glen Innes district.

In 2020 we decided to embark on a much more ambitious project involving bushfire rehabilitation support to impacted communities in the Upper MacLeay Valley and Mid-West regions in NSW. In both these areas there were numerous homes and outbuildings destroyed and while some re-building had taken place, feedback from local communities indicated that assistance with replanting of house gardens/home paddocks would be of benefit from both a mental health as well as a community support perspective.

This proposal covered three Rotary Districts with contributions from five Rotary Clubs and would lead to disbursement of funds (most probably via vouchers) to impacted families and communities. The vouchers would be redeemable through local businesses and the local Rotary Clubs would work with local Council-facilitated rehabilitation services (eg. Step by Step) to ensure funds went to deserving families and also to related community garden projects.

The project is currently underway with financial contributions from:

The Rotary Clubs of Kempsey, West Kempsey and South West Rocks (all District 9650) have agreed to commit $5,000.
The Rotary Club of Rylstone-Kandos (District 9670) is yet to finalise its commitment but assumed to be $2,000.

The Rotary Club of Mosman (District 9685) has offered to match commitments from those Clubs - i.e. $7,000
Rotary Australia has contributed a grant matching the otal from the clubs, ie, $14,000

As a result the initial funding for the project will be $28,000. These funds are being held and then distributed from a special account with the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS). It is anticipated that other Rotary Clubs will make further contributions. Contributions from the public would be tax deductible and welcome.

Please feel free to enquire about this project and its current status.